Pampered Paws Inn Sleepovers

Our Pampered Paws Inn facility is a clean and comfy home away from home for your best friend, whether they are just here for the day of play or sleepover for a short or long term.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours to ensure your fur baby is always safe and cared for.

You can drop off any time before 11am Monday to Sunday. If you are unable to drop your dog off by 11:00am, please let us know. Please also reserve at least 24 hours in advance.

The Sleepover price includes daycare for the stay, including departure day. Pick-ups after 4hrs (of drop off times) on the last day, will incur additional daycare fee.

What to expect:

We accommodate any special feeding instructions or diets with owner-provided food (raw or frozen included) – our kitchen staff can prepare any meal you bring. We are also able to administer medications as directed by you when you check in your pup for their stay.

At night they sleep on big comfy pillows and blankets on one of our three separate floors. They also get to watch cartoons, their favorite shows, and if allowed, they can even have a bedtime treat. There is always someone on site 24/7. If they like their kennel, you can even bring that with you and we will continue their crate training.

The entire outdoor areas are covered in a soft thick high quality artificial turf, both highly drainable and durable. It is always kept clean and fresh everyday with our special dog friendly cleaning solution/disinfectant. Easy on the paws especially during those hot summer days and a much cleaner pup when it’s time to go home and nice for an afternoon nap.

Lots of fun with their daycare pals during the day in our spacious, climate controlled indoor and outdoor space, supervised by our experienced staff.  Dogs always have access to fresh water, comfortable places to relax and lots of play toys, pools, climbing obstacles and sand boxes.

Our first priority is the health and safety of your dog.  If at any time we feel that your dog requires emergency veterinary care, we will attempt to contact you or your emergency contact. We will first try to arrange an appointment with your vet however, if your dog appears to be in immediate distress, we will bring your dog to an Emergency Veterinary hospital for treatment right away.

Sleepover Prices

All prices are plus HST and Effective Nov. 15, 2022

One Dog Per Night$ 48.00
Two Dogs Per Night*$ 92.00
Three Dogs Per Night*$135.00
*Applies to two or more dogs from the same household