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Note: Drop offs for sleepover or daycare must arrive before 11am

things to watch out for, traits, cautions, temperament
Please include frequency, time(s) of day, and brand of dog food.
Terms and Conditions for Daycare and Sleepovers.

All dogs must provide proof of all required vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Flea/Tick control) on their first day, and continue to provide updates. Only socialized dogs and dogs in good health are allowed to participate in daycare/sleepovers. All male dogs must be neutered by the age of ten months. All female dogs must be spayed by the age of ten months, or after their first heat. Any signs of aggression toward another dog or person will terminate the dog’s daycare/sleepover privileges. As her HRM Noise By-Laws, dogs with persistent barking behaviours will not be accepted for daycare/sleepovers.
Veterinary Care

Any dog, whether in daycare or sleepover care, may need immediate attention by a veterinarian while at our facility. If this should occur, we would attempt to contact your preferred veterinarian. If we are unable to reach your preferred veterinarian in our determined, required, time frame, we will seek medical help from another veterinarian. Your account (Visa/MasterCard) will be charged for the full cost at pickup time.

When it comes to bumps and bruises, Dog Day cares are no different than playgrounds for children. Dog play includes open mouths and the use of paws. Occasional nicks and scrapes are going to happen. However, more serious accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and sometimes fights can break out. Our qualified staff can help keeps these incidents to a minimum, but owners should know that, as with any activity involving dogs, there is a chance your pet may get hurt.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Cheque, or direct payment upon pickup.
Drop off / Pickup times

Monday to Friday, any drop offs must be before 11am. Pickup can be any time before closing. A sleepover is for 28 hours. There may be additional charges after that. Special arrangements can be made for hours outside these scheduled times. We also offer drop off and pickup service, cost will depend on mileage.
Please email proof of the following vaccinations to
  • Rabies - every three years
  • DA2PP / Distemper - every three years
  • Bordetella (for kennel cough) - every year