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About Pampered Paws Inn

Pampered Paws Inn opened in May 2004 and was especially designed for a premium dog daycare to be a comfortable and fun place for your fur babies to spend their time while away from home.

We’ve created a loving place with everything your pup would want. We offer a dog daycare experience with cage-free sleepovers, and grooming services. View our webcams to watch them play all day with their besties in an open and safe environment. Our experienced dog handlers will love and care for your pup like they are their own. You can be sure your dog will come home happy and tired! It’s like home away from home.

Dog Daycare
24/7 Webcams
Cage Free Sleepovers

What’s New This Month

Covid-19 Update Tuesday April 27th 2021

After todays Government announcement Tuesday 27 2021, we would like to advise that we will remain OPEN!

All dogs arriving at Pampered Paws Inn MUST wear masks on arrival only. While inside, any humping will be stopped right away as it is in violation of the 2 meter social distancing rule.

All jokes aside, As a Business we are able to follow COVID guidelines so we are able to ensure staff and customer safety during this time:

  • One Customer in the office at a time
  • Everyone must wear masks at all times
  • Please keep 2 meters distance between yourself and everyone else
  • All dog leashes must be taken with owners

Staff will still continue to disinfect between clients, so please be patience If you have any signs of COVID please remain home and do not bring your dog to daycare

In the meantime, you may have to stay in your bubble but, the dogs can still have fun and enjoy their day with their friends, without breaking COVID rules

We appreciate your understanding, patience, and loyalty during these times. There is nothing more important to us, in these unprecedented times, than to continue providing you and your dog the best, safest and caring service we can.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Thank you again for your support, we look forward to seeing your dog(s) soon. Your Pampered Paws Team❤


It has been 12 years since I started coming to this amazing daycare as my Mom and Dad didn’t want me to be lonely at home. I made friends instantly and fell in love with my second home. I actually cry when we drive down the street as I know where I am going (doggie daycare). I get to play with my fur friends all day. I also have a lot of sleepovers. This is great because I get to snuggle and cuddle all night long with my best friends. The staff that take care of me and my friends are the best in the city. My Mom and Dad are very fussy and want the very best for me so that’s why they picked Pampered Paws Inn Doggie Daycare. Now that I am old, turning grey and can’t walk without help, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else to spend my days. The staff give me my special medicine, help me up and down the stairs and massage my back daily. Not to mention all the hugs and kisses from all the staff. Although my energy is much slower than it used to be, I still get up every day to come to my second home. Thank you for the last 12 years! You are the best and I love you all very much. Love the Grimm Family and Rocco (sloppy kisses).

Hi, my name is Spencer and this is my happy face when I know I’m going to pampered paws. I’m a schnoodle and I’m 15 years old and I have been coming here for just as long. My ma and pa say I go there for exercise and to socialize but really I run the place and I’m part of the staff, btw where is my staff shirt Wendy! My people travel and I don’t always like to go so I get to stay at my 2nd home where my friends here make sure I eat my meals and get rest when I need it. I’m not a morning dog so Wendy lets me nap on her couch and I prefer to eat my lunch with Denine. You should come visit me here. I’ll show you around and give you tips on how to get spoiled rotten. Trust me you’ll love it and maybe even get a leg hug! PS – The 2nd picture is me after a long day at daycare. I always need a nap when I get home, so please do not disturb me.

“Hello Wendy – wow – you turned Dougal into a good boy after one day ! He was a very tired laddie but obviously had a ball. Can’t wait for his next visit.”