Hours and Drop off/Pick up times

Drop off prior to 11am any day of the Week

Monday to Saturday
6:30am – 6:30pm

Sunday – Sleepovers Only
6:30am – 6:30pm*

Daycare on Sunday by appointment only

Please check our home page for any changes in hours for Holidays

*Special pick up/drop off times can be per-arranged

Daycare Prices – Single Day

Half Day* – One Dog$20.00
Half Day* – Two Dogs$35.00
Full Day – One Dog$30.00
Full Day – Two Dogs$50.00
*A half day is four hours

Daycare Package Prices

10 Half Days* – One Dog$180.00
10 Full Days – One Dog$280.00
10 Full Days – Two Dogs$480.00
15 Full Days – One Dog$400.00
20 Full Days – One Dog$485.00
30 Full Days – One Dog$675.00
30 Full Days – Two Dogs$1200.00
*A half day is four hours
Note: All packages expire one year from issue date and Full-Day packages are only to be used for full days

Cancellation Policy

If any of the packages are cancelled for any reason we will refund cost of package paid minus days used (charged at full daily rate) Plus an additional charge of $25.00 for the 10 Pkg and $50.00 for all other packages.

Sleepover Prices

One Dog Per Night$45.00
Two Dogs Per Night*$65.00
*Applies to two or more dogs from the same household

Grooming Prices

All size dogs
Brush & Bath – Basic service*$40.00 and up
Full Groom – Brush and Bath*
                      – Clip
                      – Ears
                      – Nails
$70.00 and up
Nail Clipping$15.00
Ear Cleaning/Ear plucking$15.00
Teeth Brushing$10.00
Quick Trim* (Eyes and Paws)$10.00
*special conditions may apply