Our Team

Wendy Gillespie – (Founder/Owner)

Wendy has always had dogs in her life and had one day hoped to eventually open her own Dog daycare. 

Wendy was completely new to the pet-industry when she founded Pampered Paws Inn in May 2004. She spent well over three decades working for various Banks in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Just prior to opening Pampered Paws Inn had recently received her PFP in Financial Planning, however she found working in the pet-industry much more rewarding. It was a big change in her professional life, but she was excited to be a part of something so challenging and yet rewarding. She loves spending everyday meeting with your four-legged fur babies and watching them on the webcams is mesmerizing. Wendy has learned so much about behaviour, and day to day operations of a Dog Daycare and Sleepover facility, you could say it was quite the learning curve along the way. Although scarry at first, with many challenges and obstacles to overcome with starting any new business. Wendy continues learning through various Dog Training Courses and she keeps up to date on her Pet First Aid.

When you visit Pampered Paws Inn you will likely be greeted by Wendy’s ankle loving Chihuahua “Bobby” who she adopted at the age of 5years. He may look ferocious but all he really wants is a greenie. 

While Wendy has stepped down from the responsibility of overseeing the operations, she still remains much in the background and feels comfortable to hand over the reins to her awesome new Manager Lisa Parsons. Watch for better things to come to Pampered Paws Inn in the near future. We are always looking for ways to strive to be better for our fellow dog-lovers and your fur babies.

Lisa Parsons (Manager)

Lisa joined Pampered Paws Inn as a dog handler in 2019 and quickly eased into her new role as Manager. Lisa brings many years of animal behavior and business management and is well respected among staff, her peers and our clients.

Lisa has worked with animals all her life and dogs and horses have always been her passion. She has owned many different breeds of dogs and has trained and rehabilitated aggressive dogs. In the UK Lisa was the person to call if there was a problem with behavior in dogs or horses. 

Lisa relocated from Portsmouth, UK in 2018 with her husband James and daughter Mia and her French Bulldog “Coco” who also spends time at dog daycare, and soon realized she missed working with animals.

Lisa should be nicknamed “girl of all trades”, there is nothing she cannot do when she sets her mind to something. Lisa also has her grooming certificate from Highbury College in the UK and does a super job with all of our client’s fur babies. 

In her spare time, when she is not at Pampered Paws Inn, she enjoys horseback riding and training. 

Since joining Pampered Paws Inn, she now has a “funny finger” ask her next time you see her. 

Lisa has already made procedural changes in many areas since joining Pampered Paws and now been given the opportunity to manage and bring them into the 21st century. 

We look forward to the future, with Lisa in it!

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Pampered Paws Inn staff are very experienced and go through a continued training process that enables them to understand dog language, play styles, and to respond effectively to signals and behaviors before they become situations. Our staff will provide feedback on how you dogs enjoyed their day.

Not only will your dog feel comfortable here, but you will feel comfortable leaving your dog with us!  Safety is as important as fun, and we are fully experienced Daycare Attendants. Our staff is and certified in Walk n Wags Pet First Aid.