Pampered Paws Inn Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare:

Our daycare service is for dog owners who are away during the day, or who just need a little help providing extra activity and socialization for their best friends. We focus on a fun and safe environment for dogs to make new friends, burn off some energy, or just relax and enjoy our environment. Lots of fun with their daycare pals during the day in our spacious, indoor and outdoor area, supervised by our experienced staff. Dogs always have access to fresh water, comfortable places to relax and lots of play time, pools, climbing obstacles, benches and sand boxes.

Introductions are done at a pace that makes your dog comfortable. We want your dog’s stay to be as stress-free as possible. They will spend the vast majority of their time relaxing in our huge open play areas.


This allows us to meet your dog(s) and make sure that they will enjoy their time with us. There is NO charge for assessments and most are 1-2 hours long to give enough time for them to meet the other dogs, staff and make new friends before returning. We book assessments weekdays before 11am by appointment only, once we have received your dog’s information including vaccinations, you can leave your dog for an hour or two. To allow adequate time for us to assess your dog(s) behavior in a pack to make sure they are a good fit for Pampered Paws Inn.

We may require trial daycare for sleepovers, if your dog has behavioral issues. We would also like to hear about the history of your dog and their behavior.

What to expect:

Pampered Paws Inn provides three supervised outdoor yards for pets to exercise and play. Exercise and socialization can curb undesirable boredom-driven behaviors such as destruction and incessant barking. Unlike dog parks and pet-sitting in the home, doggy day care ensures a consistent, fully supervised way to alleviate boredom, stimulate and socialize pets so they are more relaxed and content at home with you. Our goal is to send your dog home tired and happy!

Bumps and scrapes can happen as your dog’s play like dogs. They will run, chase and be chased, grab each other’s necks, pull on ears, bark, and fall over. To you, on the webcams, this may look like rough play and may worry you, but this is standard dog interaction. If one of our attendants feels that it is not the proper play, they will intervene.


  • Dogs must have a good temperament and get along with other dogs.
  • As per HRM Noise By-Laws, dogs with persistent barking behaviours will not be accepted.
  • All males must be neutered by ten months of age (some conditions may apply).
  • All females must be spayed by ten months of age (some conditions may apply).
  • Vaccinations must be up-to-date and you must provide proof:
    • Rabies – Three years – Puppies must have first shots.
    • Distemper/Parvo – Three years
    • Bordetella – One Year – for Kennel cough
    • Flea/Tick Control – Mainly during summer months

Our facilities:

We opened in May 2004, after discovering there was a need for a place for dogs to play, socialize, play and stay. 

Our facilities provide a great indoor and outdoor play space. Our dogs love to take a little play break and have an outdoor snooze on the turf, either in the shade or the sun.

The outdoor areas are covered in a soft thick high quality artificial turf, both highly drainable and durable. Outdoor turf is cleaned and washed every evening with a dog friendly highly effective disinfectant. We ensure a safe, clean and well-run facility. We want only the best for our clients and their furry friends!

Our Indoor surface is sealed with a durable industrial rubber flooring providing great traction for play time, this surface allows us to fully clean after each play. In addition, we have several anti-fatigue mats for dogs to rest on when they are tired and raised dog beds to allow for maximum comfort.


You will enjoy our new “state-of-the-art” High-Definition live webcams, you can watch you fur babies at any time from anywhere.

Daycare Prices – Single/Half Day

All Prices are Effective Nov. 15, 2022 AND are plus HST:

Half Day* – One Dog$21.00
Full Day – One Dog$31.00
Full Day – Two Dogs$51.00
*A half day is four hours

Daycare Package Prices

10 Half Days* – One Dog$190.00 – $19.00/day
10 Full Days – One Dog$280.00 – $28.00/day
10 Full Days – Two Dogs$480.00 – $24.00/day per dog
20 Full Days – One Dog$500.00 – $25.00/day
30 Full Days – One Dog$700.00 – $23.50/day
*A half day is four hours